Barracuda Software is a privately-held Spanish based company founded in 2005.
We can be reached us by email or phone at the following addresses:

Barracuda Software
Barcelona, Barcelona



Telf: +34 932 477 186

Time zone: UTC+1

US Sales Representative (Plinius)
Indianapolis, IN



Toll-free #: 888-999-8741 x1241
Time zone: Eastern (US)

Barracuda Software is proudly a Infor Business Partner in Spain and Portugal.
In the first century AD, Pliny the Elder, a Roman scholar, perceived health risks to those working with zinc and sulfur. He devised a face mask made from an animal bladder to protect workers from exposure to dust and lead fumes.

The Plinius Project started as a collaboration between Barracuda Software, the Catalonia Tech University (UPC), and the Consorci Escola Industrial de Barcelona. Plinius was granted with funds from the Profit Program from the Ministerio de Industria y Turismo accordingly with the National Scientific Investigation, Development and Technology Innovation Plan(I+D+I) 2004-2007.

Since then, Barracuda has been developing and delivering solutions that help safety managers.