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Inspection & Safety Compliance Management is all about seamlessly managing organizations' safety and inspection processes, increasing workplace safety, reducing liability and saving money. Successful implementation of an automated inspection and safety system ensures that all safety and security stakeholders, internal auditors and safety managers have a complete picture of organizations' safety data when it comes time to perform an audit.

When organizations take the decision to move forward in the way they manage audits or inspections within their facilities and sites, Plinius offers a complete solution from the checklist and form management to the sync and security aspects. With Plinius organizations plan their safety and maintenance inspections and deliver them to their workers for an on-field completion.


  • Define. The checklist template library has all the organizations' forms collected in one place ready to be used when needed.
    • What to inspect. Equipment, processes, products or workers' behavior.
    • Who will conduct it.

      Further, Plinius capabilities provide a way to spread one (1) single inspection all over the whole organizations' sites or teams. This feature is only available on on-premise deployments.

    • Where. Your organizational chart provides the appropriate data to select where have to be conducted.
    • When. If you just want to conduct the inspection once, then just select the data and that is all. Otherwise you need to schedule the inspection.
  • Schedule. If you need to conduct inspection more than once, then you can schedule according to your needs.
  • Conduct. When your people receive inspections in their devices they just have to conduct and send them back. Remember that no matter if they have to work on places with no connection. Safety Inspector does not need connection to conduct inspections.
  • Analize. And when you receive conducted inspections, Plinius Inspections can automatically run business rules according to your needs. e.g Notify Maintenance team about repairs, send emails to Facility Manager is anything appears. etc...

Plinius uses state-of-the art technology becoming an easy-to-use inspection software solution.

Watch these videos to learn more about how Plinius Inspections can help your organization

Deployment Options

  • Cloud.

    Organizations have a completely automated solution that takes the guesswork out of safety inspections. Forget about where to install the software or how to backup the data. Use Plinius Inspector App to conduct on-field audits and a desktop browser for all the backoffice works.

  • On-Premise.

    On-Premise deployment means install the software in your server. Organizations get all the Cloud features plus a fully customizable Plinius environment. Plinius Studio, included, provides all the tools to meet the corporate requirements such as integration with other business solutions. When installing Plinius on premises, it can be enhanced adding up some other Plinius modules like Planning, Accidents or Assessments.

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Plinius Inspector App

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User Guide

Online Plinius Inspector User Guide for both Android and iOS devices.

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